A loving home for every child

With 30,000 children and teens currently in foster care in Los Angeles County, the need for loving families has never been greater.

As a trusted agency for fostering and adoptions, The Village has provided supportive services to more than 6,100 children, youth and foster parents over the past two decades.

We start by helping prospective foster parents navigate the application process. From there, we provide a strong support system for parents and families, including specialized services for every child and teen to encourage healthy development.

At The Village, we refer to our foster parents as “resource parents,” because we think it better captures the role they fill for children by providing the safety, love and support they need to thrive. In turn, we take seriously our role, which is to ensure that our resource parents continuously receive the attention, guidance and resources that they need.

Confident little girl wearing a sweater, standing in front of trees and green plants with a sincere smile on her face.

Help foster hopes and dreams

Foster families come in all shapes and sizes. We are currently recruiting resource parents who are interested in opening your hearts and your homes. In most cases, you’ll provide a loving home for a child until they can be safely reunited with their families. However, there are situations where permanent adoption turns out to be what’s best for the child. To learn more, please attend one of our upcoming orientation sessions.

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Get Ready to Foster

The Village works to ensure that prospective parents are ready to share a safe and stable home with a child or teen.

In that spirit, we require that all adults who are interested in becoming resource parents:

  • Attend an orientation
  • Complete an application
  • Obtain a mandatory government background check
  • Complete all clearances and preparation requirements

Once the process is completed, and we believe that we have a child that would be a great fit, we contact you to provide some initial information about the child. If you agree to proceed with placing the child in your home, you will meet the child on placement day, get acquainted, and begin building a connection.

The process is well organized and The Village is with you every step of the way. During orientation, you’ll receive a detailed overview of the steps you need to take, along with how you’ll collaborate with your social worker throughout the time that a child is in your care.

FAQs About Foster Care