Incredible Years® (IY) is an evidence-based early-intervention series of workshops focused on helping mothers, fathers and caregivers learn effective parenting skills. In addition, the program fosters greater parental involvement in their children’s school, promoting students’ academic, social, and emotional skills and ultimately reducing or resolving conduct issues.

Three IY parenting groups meet each Thursday, with one of the four groups group conducted in Spanish. Currently, 16 children ages 4-8 are enrolled in the program. Each group session covers strengthening the parent-child relationship, reducing harsh discipline, and helping parents promote their children’s social, emotional, and language development.

Mayra and her son Charlie (not their real names) have attended each IY workshop since the program’s inception.

“I really like that The Village has a workshop for parents,” says Mayra. “In the group therapy, Charlie learns how to cope with his feelings. He’s getting better. It’s a work in progress.”

As children in the program learn, they receive tokens, which builds incentive to learn more — something Charlie appreciates. “We learn a lot about emotions and that we need to listen to rules,” he says. “My favorite thing is getting tokens. When we get five tokens, we get a toy.”

Incredible Years® workshops have been a positive experience for both parents and children. As a reward for their progress, the groups recently enjoyed a pizza party. Some children have formed friendships and are bonding with others in their group.

The groups will wrap up the week before Thanksgiving, and a new round of IY workshops will begin in the new year. Since the program’s launch, three Village therapists have received training in the IY model, ensuring that Incredible Years® will continue enriching the lives of  Village parents and their children.