Job – MAT Assessor

MAT Assessor


MFTLCSWLPCC, PsyD and/or license eligible to provide comprehensive assessments and appropriate services in the community for children and adolescents ages 0 to 21, as a part of the Mental Health team.
The MAT assessor is familiar with the process of the DMH Multidisciplinary Assessment Team (MAT) and is proficient in DMH paperwork and assessment procedures for children newly detained within the child welfare system. Key elements of this position are timely responses to referral parties; excellent tracking and time management skills; exceptional community collaboration and advanced clinical skills; also knowledge of the child welfare system. The MAT assessor will work to ensure appropriate and thorough assessment, timeliness of documentation, linkage to appropriate resources, and is able to travel throughout LA County.


1. Meet with clients, individuals and families, in home, school, field, office or environment conducive to gather needed information
2. Assess clients for psychosocial, emotional, developmental, medical, and educational needs
3. Make appropriate referrals as needed
4. Complete required documentation according to DMH and agency standards
5. Demonstrate empathy to work with children/families under stress
6. Perform MAT assessments and Outpatient duties as needed to link clients to treatment
7. Ensure that the comprehensive assessment process focuses on determining appropriate community services for newly detained children in the foster care system
8. Ensure recommendations for targeted services and timely interventions to minimize disruptions in the child’s life, support caregiver role and reduce recidivism
9. Ensure that the recommendations as a result of the MAT are based on a comprehensive assessment including; key interviews with individuals involved in the past and current life and care of the child, baseline health reports, educational reports, diagnostic testing and any other relevant information that addresses cultural, linguistic, developmental, juvenile justice, mental health, speech and language, and vocational needs or concerns
10. Ensure that a thorough assessment will result in a draft Summary of Findings highlighting the needs and strengths of the child and family within their home, school and community and all documentation including but not limited to the assessment, progress notes, and SOF are completed within TVFS agency timelines
11. Participate in the core team comprised of service providers and family support persons, write the final MAT Summary of Findings Report, which is delivered to the court and instrumental in the development of the child’s Case Plan
12. Maintain the overarching goals of immediate stabilization by minimizing the environmental and internal disruptions in the child’s life and promoting placement stability
13. Maintain and document regular contact with liaisons in accordance with agency and DMH/DCFS policies and provide on-going coordination of services through to linkage confirmation
14. Maintain current information on department and DCFS/DMH policies and procedures
15. Communicate with intra-agency departments regarding internal process of MAT cases



The position requires that the individual be knowledgeable of, and be in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations of the client population served and the programs provided. The individual must have the ability to work effectively with others, and follow program protocol as pertains to the position.

1. MFTLCSWLPCC, PsyD and/or license eligible
2. Bilingual English/Spanish is required
3. Must possess valid California Driver’s license and state required registration and
4. Fingerprint clearance from DOJFBI and Child Abuse Index.
5. Statement of sound physical health from a licensed physician, including tuberculin skin test.
6. Two or more years of direct practice experience working with children, adolescents and families.
7. Ability to establish rapport with school staff, children and families as well as work effectively within the agency and the community.
8. Excellent assessment skills.
9. Good organizational and communication skills as well as a strong time management.
10. Skilled in engaging, motivating and working with diverse individuals and groups to accomplish established goals.
11. Self-directed, efficient and effective in problem solving and managing multiple demands and objectives.
12. Knowledge of Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (DMH) clinical paperwork required.
13. Evidence Based Practices knowledge preferred.


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