Five-year-old Ramón always hated to see his mother leave for her nighttime job. It meant he’d be alone with his father, who had a bad temper and was easily angered. Insecure and fearful, Ramón would often wet the bed. Last time it happened, his father whipped him severely with a belt, leaving welts on his body, and he had to be hospitalized. Their Village Family Services social worker placed Ramón in temporary foster care, while his father was mandated to take parenting and domestic violence training every week for a year. During his third training session, Ramón’s father spoke of the abuse he had received as a child. He is learning to control his temper and become the loving father he had always wanted to be. When his training period is completed, the family hopes to be reunited. The Village therapists will continue to monitor their progress and make sure that Ramón is safe and no longer fearful.

At The Village Family Services, we consider ourselves more than an agency; we are a family. And our clients – like Ramón and his parents – quickly learn that our top priority is the integrity and stability of their own families. Essential to that principle is ensuring effective parenting as a primary safeguard against child abuse and neglect.

In keeping with our therapeutic approach to protecting children and preserving families, parental support and training are integral parts of virtually all of our programs. Held in both English and Spanish, parenting and domestic violence classes at The Village Family Services cover a wide range of critical topics.

Domestic Violence Group Support

Our Domestic Violence Batterers’ Program focuses on family dynamics, power and control, communication and problem-solving skills, anger management techniques, and substance abuse related issues. It is a 52 week program with weekly two hour sessions which are available Monday thru Thursday evenings and Saturdays mornings.

Anger Management Group Support

Our program for anger management focuses on communication and problem-solving skills, coping skills, substance abuse related issues and an in-depth exploration of anger management techniques and triggers. It is a 52 week program with one hour sessions which are available Thursday evenings.

Parenting Group

At The Village, we understand that effective parenting is a primary safeguard against child abuse and neglect. Support and training for parents are integral parts of virtually all of our programs. The parenting program is a 26 week program with weekly one and a half hour sessions which are available Wednesday mornings and Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Our parenting groups will be able to provide essential skills that teach you how to create a vibrant relationship with your child in a supportive group environment.

Each individual program requires an initial $30 intake fee followed by a weekly $20 fee. We are court approved and provide quarterly court updates when requested. We also offer economic assistance (sliding fee scale for those that qualify), and are LGBTQ affirming.

To learn more about our Domestic Violence, Anger Management and Parenting Programs, email us.

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