She was born male and named Juan, but secretly cross‐dressed and called herself Juanita. When the teenager began the transitioning process to become a girl, she was kicked out of her home and began prostituting to get money for her medication. The Village staff created an intensive family‐and community‐based plan involving Juanita’s family, friends, teachers and priest, helping them to respond appropriately. They also introduced her to a transgender adult who was a productive member of society. Having a role model made a huge difference to Juanita, and her family is now on the road to full acceptance and reconciliation.

Whatever It Takes

As Juanita’s story illustrates, The Village Family Services is distinguished by its nontraditional
“agency without walls” approach. We bring compassionate professional services directly into families’ homes and address problems at their source.

This method is exemplified by our Wraparound Services program, in which a network of individualized services and supports is “wrapped around” a youth and family in his or her home, foster home, school and natural environments, and is available to the families 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Rather than sending that child to traditional placements such as probation camps or residential facilities, the wraparound approach allows The Village’s teams of professionals and paraprofessionals to create a unique plan that includes people and resources in the child’s own community. Relatives, friends, church and school personnel, neighbors and others are often active participants in the plan, which is always strength‐based and family‐focused.

Compassion and Commitment

Because of its intense nature, the Wraparound Services program is closely managed.

  • As is the case with all Village services, our team of providers makes a commitment to unconditional care, and demands the same of all participants.
  • Our bilingual staff ensures that all services and supports are tailored to the cultural values with which the individual family identifies.
  • If challenges continue, individualized services and supports are changed to accommodate the child’s needs.

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