Julia’s Story

Weaning herself off drugs and trying to control her four young children were almost more than Julia could bear. Her four-year-old daughter’s excessive tantrums were especially tough to handle, and in her fragile emotional state Julia lived in fear of losing custody of the kids, as she had once before, due to her involvement in illegal activities. Since participating in the Parent Child Interactive Therapy program with her daughter, Julia has been motivated and engaged, learning improved parenting skills that make her a better mother to all of her children. She has increased her self-confidence and finally feels in control of her life.

Manny’s Story

Only ten years old, Manny knew the terrors of domestic violence firsthand. He had vivid memories of cowering with his mother in a hiding place to escape his father’s wrath. Now his mother was remarrying and starting to expand her family, but Manny was thinking of ending his young life. Deeply depressed and unhappy at school and at home, he entered our Cognitive Behavioral Program. His therapist taught him to identify his past traumatic exposure to domestic violence, and to face his fears and memories. A recent graduate of the program, Manny is now free of suicidal thoughts, has improved his classroom grades and is happier at home. He is confident in his ability to control his emotions and use newly learned coping skills.

Monica’s Story

Monica was 17 years old when she and two of her friends beat up another girl and stole her purse. The incident followed a string of fights and a history of drug use, and it got Monica placed on probation. She was in juvenile hall when she was referred to our Wraparound Services program. After meeting with Monica’s parents and sister, our Wraparound team set up a schedule, working with Monica and her family in their home each week. Monica’s therapist helped her look for a job, find positive ways to express her anger, improve her communication skills and set concrete goals for her future. Her mother learned about appropriate rewards, realistic expectations, and how to be supportive of Monica and her needs. Her father participated when his job allowed, and realistic house rules were adopted. Once Monica saw that she was gaining support and trust from her parents, she began to work on improving her grades. She took extra classes to make up missed credits and made her family proud by graduating with her high school class. Now 19, Monica is enrolled in college and working toward her goal of becoming a probation officer so she can help other troubled youths.

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